Barbed Wire

Welded Razor Wire Mesh

  Welded wire mesh is a new form of razor barbed wire for security which has the features of beautiful,high protection and easy installation.It`s hard to climb or cut off the mesh.

The mesh could be used in combination with other fences,also could be used alone. I`ts mainly applicable to Residential areas, Warehouses, Animal husbandry factories, Farms, Mines, Prisons, Military facilities,etc.

                                                                                                Material:The blade with HDG steel

                                                                                                            Core wire with HDG steel wire

                                                                                                Mesh hole:75*150mm、100*150mm/150*150mm etc.

                                                                                                Surface treatment:Galvanized ,Powder painting,PVC  coated.
                                                                                                Custom specifications are available at your specific requirement.